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This pedal is what I call a bandpass, it fits into the filter family, but we can not call it an equalizer, because its operation goes beyond a simple EQ control.
With this we filter only the frequencies that need to be treated and improved, so that the remaining good frequencies are preserved, meanwhile the pedal acts on the 4 qualities of the waves (Amplitude, Length, Frequency and Period), the result is an unimaginable performance of its tone, be it clean or some drive, this means that your tone will change from water to wine.
It has a 2-position mid-range selector switch (Hi / Low) that defines which mid-range Mid control will operate.
Together with the bandpass circuit is a fully transparent buffer coupled in case of loss of signal quality it can be connected through an on / off switch.
Controls: Volume, Bass, Mid and Treble.
Painting in black color.
Power: External 9Vdc External Source (Negative Center), No battery adapter
True and bypass Buffer (optional)


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