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In the 70's the meeting of Randall Smith who worked at the Mesa Engeneering and Carlos Santana presented us with a small high gain amplifier, which as Santana himself would have said "An amplifier with a lot of Boogie", there appeared Mesa Boogie(R) Mark I.
This amplifier that Santana has used since the 72/73 years would become part of the fantastic tone that Carlos Santana created.
And to honor those long years of partnership Mesa Boogie(R) released a customized version of that same amplifier increased with some improvements, this amp was christened Mesa Boogie(R) King Snake.
When I think of the Carlos Santana tone I have 2 distinct sounds in my memory one is the sound of the Dumbles and the other with more gain Mesa Boogie(R) so I decided to create 2 pedals to honor this fantastic artist, one already on the market at Some time that is the Supernatural Overdrive pedal with the sounds of Dumble and now I present Mark I King Snake with the sounds of Mesa Boogie (R).
Inspired by this same atmosphere, the Tom Tone Mark I King Snake comes with the proposal to bring the sound of this famous Mesa Boogie(R) King Snake amplifier used and consecrated by Carlos Santana.
This Amplifier has become legendary not only for its unique, soft tone, but also for marking the start of Mesa Boogie(R) custom shop amplifiers manufacture from the first high gain amplifiers only produced by Mesa Boogie (R).
The gain comes from the saturation of the pre-stage based on the Mark I model, as we increase the Pre volume, with a rich and warm saturation full of harmonics.
In addition to the traditional controls of Bass and Treble, the Mid / Boost Control allows better performance and a greater possibility in the composition of the tonee forms, and reaching its end will add an additional gain and this will allow a proper adjustment to the Hair The edges of the signal.
The master control only controls the overall pedal volume

Controls: Volume, Master, treble, MId / Boost and Bass
Power: 9Vcc through standard external source (negative center). No Clip Battery
Color: White with snake leather details (similar to amplifiers)
True Bypass


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