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The Stevie Ray Vaughan's tone is one of the most remarkable in the world of guitar, united their ferocius way of playing and your tube screamer pushing their amplifiers.
An important factor for the killers SRV's tones was the strings with caliber 13, but among various effects (Fuzz, Octavio, wah) his mark ever recorded was pedals like Tube Screamer.
But their way of setting, added to the sparkling sound of his guitar, The Tube Screamer plus more gain, did not sound like a simple TS, and the spirit of recreating this tone is the Tom Tone launches SRV - Texas Flood pedal, seeking not simply be a pedal like Tube Screamer.
Add more gain, more volume and we cover the field of tonality, allowing to reach beyond conventional tones.
The challenge of recreating such an impressive tone made Tom Tone strive to launch a pedal that sought to be much more than just a Tube Screamer
A higher gain power to compensate for his ferocious way of attacking the thick strings, an expanded tonal range to be as bright as his tone, and all that added to a higher volume stage, causes the SRV Texas Flood pedal to swallow the spirit and the soul so worshiped of its sound.

The Pedal features a sturdy aluminum housing with a green electrostatic paint finish
The power can be through a standard 9vcc power supply (negative center) or using a 9Vcc battery
We offer 3 simple and easy to adjust controls, all of which are very intuitive to find the desired tone
These controls are:
Volume, which controls the overall pedal volume amount
Tone, which allows you to open more the tonal range of the pedal
Gain, which increases the amount of drive to be used
Tom Tone SRV Texas Flood Overdrive a Pride and Joy
Volume: Controls the volume level
Tone: Controls the tone of the pedal
Gain: Controls the gain of the pedal
Power supply: 9Vdc battery or external power 9Vdc standard (negative center)


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