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With a velvety tone and crystalline sustain make Carlos Santana be identified in just one note, associate this with his daring, exploratory and psychedelic style and we will have one of the most desired tones of the guitar world.
Few sensations are so cool and pleasurable for the guitarist that, after turning a few knobs, he can play that riff with the famous tone and devastating Smooth, or that Latin swing of Maria Maria or so many other successes of Santana, but like all tone a much of it belongs to Santana himself.
There are 2 very distinct Santana sounds at the beginning where he used his Mesa Boogie Mark 1 amplifier and most recently when he incorporated the Dumble amplifier into his setup, and inspired by that most current phase of Santana with the Dumble amplifiers that Tom Tone created the Supernatural pedal that seeks to provide a crystal sustain associated with the soft amplifier Dumble overdrive.
The pedal features a frontal design inspired by the Mayan arts, built in an aluminum box in natural color with a fine lacquer finish.
It has 3 controls for easy handling and adjustment.
They Are:
Volume: Controls the overall pedal volume amount
Tone: Allows you to open the pedal slightly
Gain: Adds or removes the amount of overdrive, which may sound clean or loaded from Drive and compression.
Power: can be either by standard 9vcc external power supply (negative center) or by 9Vdc battery.
True bypass


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