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Tsuru arrived to create a bridge between the two universes, Dumble and the Marshalls.
The Tsuru Overdrive is a faithful recreation of some of the most legendary amp tones of all time, presented in an easy-to-use pedal. Built with four controls: Volume, Tone, Dynamics and "Burn" (gain), the Tsuru cuts across an entire sonic spectrum of overdriven tones, from a warm, bluesy boost to a Hot and organic drive.
Designed to emulate the tone of Dumble amps, this is a great way to go for all things rock, that's because it goes beyond Dumble sounds to the hallowed Marshalls in a Box.
The gain control is very responsive, and from a clean sound to a drive with more bite and good gain.

Internally you have 4 tonal adjustment controls, which will help you arrive at many possibilities and textures. The controls are: Mids, Presence, Bass and Shape.
Controls: Volume, Tone, Dynamics and Burn
Power: Via standard 9V supply (center negative). No Battery.
Black color


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